Server Administration

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A server administrator has many job functions, which vary from organization to organization. Generally, however, server administrators are responsible for the installation, support, and maintenance of a computer system or server.

Centralized servers are data sources for a company, and making sure they run smoothly is critical. Refined Networking is focused on avoiding server downtime through scheduled maintenance, ensuring server security, and assisting staff in connecting to the server—all important duties of server administration. In addition, we know the importance of backing up server data.

Server administrators must often manage the server operating system, maintain integrity of the server performance, install and configure new software and updates, troubleshoot any problems, and update user account information (add/delete users and reset passwords). They also perform routine backups; integrate new technologies; manage networks; and apply updates, patches, and configuration changes to the operating system.

Refined Networking concentrates on server management, maintenance, and administration. Our expert consultants boast hands-on experience with computer hardware, software, and networks. They have completed certifications in CompTIA Network+, Linux+, and Microsoft MCSA/MCSE.